About Us

FullSizeRender Growing up in an Italian/Greek household ensured that Maria Cacciotti Salino would develop a love & passion for food. A native in a town that is nestled around the beauty of the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York, the kitchen has always been a comforting place where family gathered with great food & conversation. A self-taught cook and baker, Maria has followed her passion and her dream and now owns Dolce Delight with her daughter Christina. Pies are their specialty but you can enjoy many of their pastries and homemade products.

Maria competed in the Pillsbury Pie Contest and came in 2nd with her “ Slice of Apple Spice” pie. The love for food & family has also grabbed the heart of her two sons, Tyler and Michael who now run the family pizzeria, Italian Carry Out, located next to Dolce Delight. “How lucky is a mom to be able to pursue her dream and have her children along side of her?”